N.H.- 58, Khirwa Road, Near Bapu Asaram Ashram Bypass Kanker Khera

Admissions open 2019 - 2020


The modern well designed school building with wide open spacious corridors and large well ventilated class rooms, set amidst sprawling grounds provides the perfect ambience for self motivated learning. The well mainucred lawns bordered with majestic Ashokas, the paved central courtyard interspersed with trees, the colorful flowers and green foliage creates a pollution free atmosphere of aesthetic awareness which is so vital in today's fast moving world. The school caters to the all-round development of a child's physical, mental emotional needs.

counselling cell

The school has full time Counsellor to cater to the emotional needs of the children. The counsellor is a ready HELPLINE for children affected by emotional trauma, lack of motivation, withdrawal symptoms, introvert behavior, learning disabilities, examination phobia, stage fright etc. Facilities for aptitude tests and career counselling are also available.


THe school staff is well qualified, trained, experienced and competent to deal with children. Apart from imparting knowledge of various disciplines, they also act as mentors and guides providing the students with counselling and direction.

School Library

A well - stocked library and reading room is open to students during the School hours and holidays. The library has ample reading material for class curriculum, modern fiction, philosophy, science, biographies, reference material for class subjects, encyclopedia, thesaurus etc. The school regularly subscribes to student , teacher magazines, computer science journals and a host of other related material including books on General Knowledge.

Teaching aids

The teachers make use of various teaching aids like Charts, Flash Cards for vocabulary and speding up learning process, specimens , Maps, Audio - Visual aids like over head projector with informative slides, content CDs are also made use of for effective teaching lessons.

Project Work

Class Room teaching is supplemented with project work. Students create working models, file projects and power point presentations using reference material from the library and the internet.

Sports Facilities

Physical Development and excellence in Sports is ensured through various activities like Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Table Tennis, throw ball, skating, Athletics, Aerobics, Karate, Yoga, Chess and Shooting, These activities are promoted in the school through extremely well-trained and qualified instructors.


A doctor is always on call to cater to any emergency. A full time nurse is also present to extend immediate medical help. Routinely Medical checkups are held in the school campus to ensure sound health of students and teachers.


To facilitate easy payment of fee, it must be deposited in the Bank. The Bank is open on all days except Sunday and Bank Holiday. The timing are 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. The fee has to be deposited by the 12th of every month failing which a late fee fine of Rs. 50 will be imposed per month which is payable in the Bank. In subsequent months the fine will be Rs. 100 per month.


The school also provides transportation for students as well as teachers. There is regular bus service covering all routes of Meerut and its suburbs, providing an efficient transport service.