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Recommendations to Parents

"In order to secure all that is best in the Education of the child the maximum Co-operation between parents and school Authorities is desired."

  1. Parents and Guardians are not allowed to enter the class rooms either to see their children or to talk to the teacher during class hours or at their homes. All school matters will be transacted in the school office.
  2. They should inform the school immediately, if there is any change in their address/telephone number.
  3. They should co-operate with the school in the attempts of their regularity, punctuality and discipline.
  4. They should check the home work diary every day. They are advised to check the bags of their wards to see if any circular, notice invitation etc. has been issued by the school.
  5. Children in condition of illness should not he sent to the school to attend classes for fear of infection to other students.
  6. They should sign progress report and return it to the school with is in 3 days, if this report is lost duplicate report card shall be issued on payment of Rs. 20/-.
  7. Parents/Guardians should not criticise teacher or school in the presence of the child because it causes the children to lose his/her respect for the teacher and will retard his or her progress.
  8. They should be present on the occasions, of Annual function. Annual sports day or other competition in the school. It gives moral support to the children.
  9. They should attend "Parent Teacher Meeting" to discuss with teacher the problems/ progress of the students.
  10. Gold ornaments. Jewellery and costly articles should not be brought to the school.
  11. Good education is the joint effort of the school and parents. Thought the school can do a lot for the child it cannot do every. The home is the place where he/she get his/her first education, so education of your child can be complete only with the help of co-operation.
  12. lf the parent have any grievance against any of the teacher they are advised to meet the principal and settle the matter amicably.
  13. Private tuition are strongly discouraged teacher and parents arre wanted that if they indulge in tuition without the permission of the principal strict action will be against them.
  14. As you child grows she/he to become a resoureceful and useful member of his,her home, school and country say help for work and study. She/he should be taught to do some house work. The formation of such habits early in life inculates in her calls of dignity of work.